SOPHIA Nameplate Fund for the Future


Objectives of fundraising


Your donations will be used to support undergraduates and postgraduates through the “SOPHIA Nameplate Fund.”


Single unit of donation

1 million yen per seat per unit


Targeted for fundraising

Individuals/graduate organizations


No. of solicited seats on which nameplates are attached

[Phase I]

379 seats in total (*Phase I fundraising will be terminated once the number is filled.)



Individuals: Front 203 seats

Graduate organizations: Rear 176 seats



* Each donator of 1 million yen or more will be honored with a plate on which his/her name is inscribed, and which is fixed on the back of a seat in a large classroom inside Building No. 6.

* Your nameplate will be fixed on the back of a seat within one of several zones on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning with the front row. We are sorry, but we cannot accept any request for a specific place. We would appreciate your kind understanding.

* One nameplate may have joint names but the number will be limited up to two per seat.

* Nameplates are scheduled to be placed twice a year (July and February)