We would like to express heartfelt gratitude to donators and commend them in various manners.
*Please be reminded that details of such commendation may be changed depending on future fundraising situations.

Presentation of commemorative gifts: All donators

Wewill provide all donators with commemorative gifts.

All donators will have their names listed on a roster (only if so desired).

The name and sum of each donator given at the time of his/her donation offer will be listed in the SOPHIA Fund for the Future.

Inscription onname-list monument

The names of donators whose cumulative donations satisfy the requirements below will be inscribed on a name-list monument to be installed inside Building No.6, Yotsuya Campus.
Individuals/graduate bodies: 100,000 yen or more
Corporations: 1 million yen or more

Use of Central Library: Donators of 1 million yen or more each

A“Special Friends of the Library Member” card will be issued to donators of 1 million yen or more each, allowing them free accessto Sophia University’s Central Library for 10 years from the date of donation.

Special commendation: Donators of 10 million or more each

Donators of 10 million or more each will be honored with a special commendation as well as presented with a letter of gratitude from the Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation and the President of Sophia University each.

Name inscribed on a plate fixed on the back of a seat (SOPHIA Nameplate Fund for the Future)

In April 2017,Sophia University opened Building No. 6 (commonly called Sophia Tower) for use on its YotsuyaCampus as a new symbol of the campus. In commemoration of the completion of Building No. 6, we began fundraising for the “SOPHIA Nameplate Fund for the Future” from April 1, 2017.The name of each donator will be inscribed on the back of one of seats in a large classroom on the first floor of the building for lasting remembrance in a project financed by the fund.