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Mission & Vision

Sophia School Corporation, which marked the centenary of its foundation in 2013, mapped out a future vision, “Sophia School Corporation Grand Layout 2.0 (2014-2023)” (GL2.0), in 2014 under the founding philosophy “SOPHIA—Bringing the World Together.”

Name of fundraising

SOPHIA Fund for the Future

Objectives of fundraising

We will appropriate your donations for the following three main pillars.

I. Support for education & research

Improving education & research activities and their environment, fostering human talent of global competency& leaders, supporting career development

II. Launch & expansion of scholarship programs

Providing scholarship to help students in financialhardship, those desiring to study abroad, excellent foreign students, and supporting students taking on globally challenging tasks

III. Support for improving education & research climate

Improving and redeveloping Yotsuya andother campuses, and their facilities

Fundraising target

200 million yen

Fundraising period

Donations sought routinely every academic year from April 1 to March 31

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