Tax Benefits

Donators to the SOPHIA Fund for the Future are eligible for Tax Benefits as follows.

Tax deduction of donations under the Income Tax Act: Applicable to individuals

Individual donators are eligible for deduction either from income or from income tax by their choice.

Deduction of donations from inhabitants tax: Applicable to individuals

Inhabitants in prefectures/municipalities that designate donations to Sophia School Corporation as being subject to tax deduction by their ordinances are eligible for individual inhabitants tax deduction.

Deduction for corporate tax: Applicable to corporations

Donations from corporations can be incorporated into “deductible expenses” for the relevant business year separately from the framework for general “donation expenses.”

*In donations from organizations, individuals are eligible for tax deduction of their donations.In that event, personal information on each individual desiring tax deduction is required. We are sorry to bother you, but please contact the School Corporation Office for Community & Alumni Relations.